Concert tickets

We sell tickets for our concerts at the door, and seats are not usually reserved, so don't stay away if you don’t yet have your tickets.

However, it has been known for us to sell out, so it’s not a bad idea to have your tickets in advance.

You can find the prices for each concert on our Concerts page.

We regret that we can't accept credit or debit card payments except for online orders.

Ordering on line

Online sales via Golden Giving will open about a month before the next concert.

Ordering by post

To order tickets by post for ESO-promoted concerts, just send a note of what you’d like, with a cheque made out to “Ealing Symphony Orchestra”, to the secretary at the address below. Don’t forget your address! We appreciate a stamped, addressed envelope.

Here’s an order form for you to print, if it helps, as a PDF file.


We offer concessionary prices for most concerts to pensioners, students and unemployed (UB40) people. To encourage families to come, we have an especially low charge for children acompanied by an adult – provided they are old enough to behave appropriately.

Mailing list

To be kept informed of future concerts, please ring, write or email to be added to our free mailing list by post or email (or both).

Richard Partridge
Ealing SO, 68 Elers Road, West Ealing, London. W13 9QD
020 8567 4075

Please note that all details and prices, while correct when published, might have to be altered. The Hon. Secretary will be delighted to confirm them if you check with him on the number above.